Wine News 29th Oct

Winemaking Takes a Plunge
Many winemakers are experimenting with aging wine underwater. Is there a benefit, or is the idea all wet?

Champagne sales swell after three-year lull
Sales of premium Champagne are hitting record highs again after a three-year lull, according to key industry figures.

Pioneer of Prince Edward County wine industry dies
The pioneer of the Prince Edward County wine industry died Wednesday, Oct. 24 in Toronto. He was 76.

Celebrating a Hearty 2012 Wine Harvest in Arizona

After two years of weather-beaten crops, 2012 is turning out to be one of the best grape harvests on record for Arizona vineyards. Better than usual rainfall, fewer hail storms, and generally all-around good farming has resulted in some of the nicest grapes and highest yields for Arizona winemaking in years.

Winemakers Report Plentiful Harvest
As winemakers across the North Fork pull the last of their grapes off the vines this week, the consensus among many of those in the industry points to a particularly ripe harvest for one of the area’s moneymakers.

Korea trade agreement pays big dividends
Earlier this year, leaders of Portland’s metropolitan export initiative unveiled a plan to help Portland grow its economy by doubling annual exports to $41 billion during the next three years.  The initiative, developed in partnership with the Brookings Institution, was crafted to create sustainable and long-term growth by advancing one of Oregon’s most powerful economic assets: international trade.  The initiative already has a head start toward success — the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement, which celebrated its one-year anniversary passing through Congress on Oct. 12.